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Advertise With Us

The Ghanaian News connects with a large Ghanaian market in Canada and abroad through its monthly print newspaper and website. Advertising opportunities are available in both the newspaper and website.

Please email ads@ghanaiannews.ca for current pricing.

Website Advertising

Advertising is available on our website and includes one (1) embedded link to your website. All ads must be sent in the correct size and be ready to post as The Ghanaian News will not alter the images in any way.

Sizes Available:

Header Ad: 586 x 70 px
Business Card Ad: 297 x 135 px
Side Bar Ad: 300 x 250 px
Footer Ad: 728 x 90 px

Your advertisement must be sent in .JPG or .GIF format.

Newspaper Advertising

Full Colour or Black/White options:
Front Page Ad (3.2″ wide x 2.4″ high)
Quarter Page Ad (5″ wide x 7.8″ high)
Half Page Ad (10″ x 15.972″ high)

Black/White Only:

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Classified Ad (2.41″ wide x 2.1″ high)
Business Card Ad (5″ wide x 2.7″ high)
5″4″ Page Ad (5″ wide x 4″ high)
Quarter Page Ad (5″ wide x 7.8″ high)
Half Page Ad (10″ wide x 7.8″ high)
Full Page Ad (10″ x 15.972″ high)

Ad Formats

Acceptable formats include: PDF, JPG, TIFF, and PSD
All PDF’s must have a font embedded
All Ads must be in electronic format
Your PDF must NOT contain RGB image and the colour in a document must be built using CYMK

Minimum resolution

Black/White line art – 600dpi (Higher if art has detail)
Grey scale Photos – 240 dpi
Colour Photo – 300 dpi
Web graphic or Internet art is not accepted as the dpi is to low

Contact us at ads@ghanaiannews.ca for pricing if you need a professionally designed Ad for print or web.