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    Canada issues $10 note to celebrate 150 years of Confederation

    Canada will celebrate 150 years of Confederation on July 1st, 2017. In commemoration of this milestone, the Bank of Canada has issued a special $10 bank note to mark this anniversary. The note has been in circulation officially since June 1st. Most bank branches have been stocked with enough notes for distribution over the counter for a period of time. The Bank will issue a total of 40 million of these special notes and has worked with the various financial institutions to make them available across the country to Canadians.

    The commemorative note will circulate alongside the current $10 note in the Polymer series. The existing note will continue to represent the majority of $10 notes in circulation for the life of the current series.

    Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George- Étienne Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstone-four parliamentarians who played significant roles in Canada’s history are featured on the front of the note. The Canada 150 note celebrates Confederation with a unique design which depicts our history, culture and land. The back of the note presents five landscapes from different regions across the country: the West Coast, the Prairie provinces, Central Canada, the North and the Atlantic provinces.


    While this note was intended to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary, it was also designed with security in mind. The Canada 150 note has a number of security features—some new and others similar to the features on the current series of polymer notes.


    A brightly coloured arch that represents an arch located inside the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill is one new feature on the front of the new note. When the note is tilted, the checkered pattern in the arch moves up and down and changes from green to blue.


    Also on the front of the note, at the bottom of the window, are three-dimensional maple leaves. They appear to be raised, but when touched the surface is actually flat. In addition, the note has raised ink on both the front and back. Together with the polymer material, large transparent window, metallic symbols and images, these security features make the Canada 150 note very secure and difficult to counterfeit.


    Visit www.bankofcanada.ca/banknote150 to learn more about the design and security features of the Canada 150 note. Follow the Bank on Twitter (@bankofcanada) for the latest information about this special note.

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