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    New Government Owned Online Casino Gives Away Unclaimed Lottery Winnings

    The Canadian Government Announces New Online Casino System That Makes Winning Easy


    (CNN)The Canadian Government revealed what it does with unclaimed lottery winnings when people don??t come forward to collect their prizes. A government official, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted in a recent interview with CNN that ??the unclaimed money is deposited into a government owned and operated online casino, where the money is practically given away to Canadian residents, with no strings attached.??

    When asked for further information, the official went on to say that ??the government supports the Canadian economy and its people in any way that it can, and this is one positive way to give struggling citizens another source of income. By letting Canadians have access to the funds, it helps those struggling to pay off their mortgage and debt. Since the money was meant to be won in the first place, there is no point in keeping the money for the sole purpose of profit.??

    Millions of unclaimed lottery dollars are being deposited into the casino by the government each year in order to help improve the nation’s economy. With this brilliant new system, not only is there significant amounts of money to be won, but the odds to win are extremely high. More and more reports of people winning significant amounts of money keep surfacing across the country, and it’s getting a bit out of hand.


    North Bay, Ontario’s, Russ Scotney, took this photo of his winnings from?Jet Bingo Casino?after he won $500,000

    The online casino, called?Jet Bingo, received last years unclaimed lottery winnings from the government near the beginning of May, around the same time North Bay, Ontario’s Russ Scotney won his $500,000. They were offering a free $30 and guaranteed portions of lottery money with a deposit as a limited time promotion to only the first 250 people, which is what Russ took advantage of, but due to “political factors,” they retracted the offer shortly after. Just recently,?Jet Bingo?issued a statement saying that those issues have been completely resolved and they are bringing back the exact offer, which guarantees a portion of unclaimed lottery money with a deposit.

    Shocked at the fact that a man had won $500,000, CNN??s Kyle Thompson decided to give?Jet Bingo?a shot: Signing up was easy, he wanted to have a guarantee chance at winning a portion of the lottery money so he chose to?deposit $15, which was not required. He also got $30 free with his deposit, and after only 10 spins, he?won $4,200!?Kyle was still skeptical, so he withdrew his winnings, which were received into his bank account 2 days later.

    Click on the link below, and fill in your details to take advantage of the limited time opportunity.?Important: A deposit will guarantee you a portion of the unclaimed lottery funds from the 2017 year.?This guarantee offer is?only valid for the first 250 people?to sign up!

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