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    Officers from Ministry of Health spread pesticide against carriers of plague such as fleas in a primary school at Andraisoro, a district of the Antananarivo on October 2, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / RIJASOLO (Photo credit should read RIJASOLO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Plague spreads to Seychelles

    The first case of pneumonic plague has been confirmed in Seychelles, media in the Seychelles and Madagascar has reported.

    The reports say the diagnosis was confirmed on 10 October and come from a 34-year old man who had returned to Seychelles from Madagascar on 6 October.

    He is said to be undergoing treatment and is recovering, media reported.

    Seychelles health officials are said to be monitoring 258 people who have been in contact with the man who fell ill, including family members.

    The outbreak began in Madagascar’s central highlands in August.

    World Health Organization has delivered more than a million doses of antibioticsto fight the outbreak in Madagascar which has killed at least 33 people.

    Source: BBC News

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